Thursday, January 24, 2008

Swann's Way -- Section 1 -- Themes

Anxiety -- in respect to mother's love --one feels an incredible anxiety -- (30).

Power of love for an illusive object. Marcel love's anything elusive; i.e. the madeleine. This is the same thing when he's trying to bet his mom to kiss him. The same pattern with kisses from his mother and the madeleine.

Waking up -- movement from the recollection

The shifting self -- an adult contemplating the life of a child.

Elusive object (illusive?) as a draw for Marcel -- why?

Swann -- another elusive object. Doesn't fit anywhere. Related to the memory of the madeleine -- by trying to grasp a memory, you don't get anything.

Marcel -- never satisfied. A primary condition of humanity.

Social class -- several pages where they talk about the family and their visits with Swann; great-aunts' opinion of Swann. People are meant to associate with people of the same class.

Loss -- Death -- Disorientation.

Class anxiety.

The representations of women and men. The women provide structure, calmness, emotional connection; the men represent isolation, mystery, estrangement.

Memory -- associations between Marcel and men/women. He's searching for something, nurture some part of himself.

Instead of trying to figure out where he fits in, he's trying to figure out what completes.

He shifts into the present in the madeleine scene.

Actualization comes from memory.

Oedipus complex. Does this apply?

Dandy-ness. Intellectualism/feminism.

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