Monday, March 3, 2008

I wanna know what love is,, I want you to show me

Reading about L'Age D'Or one review said:

"L'AGE D'OR is not only an attack on bourgeois life but also a doctrine that directs humanity to live as the surrealists believed they should: that is, by placing love before everything else in life, such as the church, status, and family."

This lead to an investigation about the attitudes toward love in the readings.

Rereading Manifesto with an eye geared toward love I stumbled across the following quotes..

"The mind of the man who dreams is fully satisfied by what happens to him. The agonizing question of possibility is no longer pertinent. Kill, fly faster, love to your heart's content"

In Surrealism and its living works it states

.. "Surrealism has never been tempted to hide from itself the element of glittering fascination in man's love for woman.." pg300

And further on 301 it talks about "women is to be loved and honored as the great promise...."

Granted Im not fully immersed in all aspects of Surrealism nor love, but I couldn't find elements of this glittering fascination of love.

Andre Breton wrote Nadja in 1928, its quoted as " the best surreal romance novel."

Some quotes from Nadja

You are my master. I am only an atom respiring at the corner of your lips or expiring. I want to touch serenity with a finger wet with tears." Nadja 116

But I am judging a posteriori and I merely speculate when I say it could not be otherwise. Whatever desire or even illusion I may have had to the contrary,... Nadja 135

So this is the glittering fascination? This is the great promise?

An existence in which Nadja may or may not exist, where Paris may or may not exist, a place where Breton himself may or may not exist? Does glittering facination mean idolization?

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