Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Major Themes 2/5/08

DJ and Mike: Ambiguity of Perception (257, 253)
You see yourself one way and another person sees you another way. Odette's taste. "What a charming place . . . " (257). "The notion she has formed of society people is not accurate . . . ". What we perceive may not be truth. Our perceptions are skewed by our opinions. Swann sees Odette as a pristine thing but she's not.

Erin, Amanda F., Nora: Self-Deception (284, 390)
"To think that I wasted years of my life. . . ". Brings back the story with Odette and how he deceived himself. "How often we sacrifice . . .". They sacrifice what they like for immediate pleasure. Self-deception keeps coming back.

Ronia, Mel: Identity; how you see yourself vs. how society sees you/truth and falsehood (254)
Discussion about antiques; fitting people into stereotypes v. how people really are. For her, it seems to be more about the appearance of being a certain way than actually being that way. Also, on 373, using lies to gain truth.

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