Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pat Dorman Women's Studies Scholarship

I received this e-mail from Lisa McClain, the director of the Gender Studies program:

Hello everyone,

The deadline for the Pat Dorman Women's Studies Scholarship is approaching. I encourage you to, in turn, encourage your students to apply for this scholarship. You may recall, last year we did not have any applicants and the scholarship went un-awarded. What this means is that the award will be more substantial this year. You can tell your students that the $350 on the application is the minimum amount we award and that in the past we have been able to award several hundred additional dollars, depending on how the scholarship fund performs in the market.

I am including the link to the scholarship application below.

Feel free to forward the link to interested students or just print out the application and make as many xeroxes as you desire. Hopefully we will have some great students applying this year. Please help us ensure that we award the scholarship for 2008-2009. This is an honor to Dr. Pat Dorman, one of the founders of the Women's Studies Program (now Gender Studies) here at BSU and its first Director.

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